Who we are and why we're doing this

Stent Up is a French company based in Montpellier, in south of France. The company operates on the international market.

It all starts in 2017 with the meeting of a Neuroradiologist, Pr. Vincent Costalat, and an biomecanical Doctor, Lionel Bichet. Two profiles, from different but complementary professional sectors, who will work together to meet the needs of stroke treatments.

" Our commitment is to increase the number of patient survival and improve their stroke treatment.

We design, develop and market innovative solutions and medical devices. Patients will therefore be able to benefit from better conditions during their stroke treatment.

Our Mission

Bringing to the benefit of patients with cerebral aneurysms, the advancement of new technologies to strengthen their chances of recovery, increase comfort, and improve life expectancy

Our Vision

To be the pioneer in the treatment of cerebral aneurysms to enable people to lead a fully active life

Our Values

Performance : We deliver what we promise

Quality : Transparency and excellence are at the heart of our concerns

Integrity : We are committed to the highest level of ethical standards


Years of R&D


Worldwide Patents


French quality


Strong strategic partnership

We are a community of passionate humans rethinking stroke treatment


Vincent Costalat
Co-founder & MCO
Lionel Bichet
Co-founder & CSO
Clément Labiche
Co-founder & CEO
Antoine Cluzel
Co-founder & Business Lawyer